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  • Davidson OEM
  • OEM Super Nova
  • 2017
  • 60x 65 x 135cm
  • 75KG new in a box.
  • Tel
  • Call: Ref # 81842
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2017 We are looking for Dealers and Agents for our newly updated Cost Saving model of the DAVIDSON OEM Fountain Solution System which we have produced for many years. This is a fine new age filtering system that keeps up with today's needs to cut cost and save money. We are also prepared to allow you to directly market the product under your own brand name. Davidson Ref No 81842 Call: US +1 (704) 419-5003 UK +44 28304-45003 Corporate Office: US 1 (202) 250 3415 Louise louise@davidsonmachinery.com Sean sean@davidsonus.com john john@©davidsonuk.com www.DavidsonWW.com © 1980-2017 Member SDI Global Group
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